Establishing the new standard for building design

Hedral is a tech-enabled AEC design firm which enables real estate developers to build faster, cheaper, and with lower environmental impact. Their product today is the world’s most efficient structural engineering: stamped drawings and 3D building models delivered to developers at speeds ~5-10x faster than legacy design firms. Hedral’s technology is the automation of the steps to produce those drawings and models. This is positioning Hedral to roll-up the massive, fragmented architectural design and engineering market.

Historically, construction design has been digitized by design platforms like Autodesk. Engineers still spend a majority of their work hours manually inserting, annotating, and updating elements of every model, before they can be converted to construction drawings. As building codes evolve and new materials become available, engineering firms have been forced to specialize in specific geographies and project types to manage this increasing complexity. Because of the size of the construction industry, this has resulted in over $1T in design spend across a widely fragmented market.

The construction market is at an inflection point addressing a housing crisis, labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, coupled with increasing environmental considerations. The government has announced $1.25 trillion of infrastructure spending over the next five-to-ten years, labeled the “infrastructure decade”. This creates an ideal opportunity for a new entrant that can leverage automation to deliver projects at a lower cost and with greater adaptability. Hedral is equipped to meet these demands by utilizing advancements in AI, scalable computing, and expertise in go-to-market strategies for tech-enabled services, all while avoiding large headcounts on projects.

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